Track Daze 2017

18 Mar 2017   12:00 AM -  11:59 PM

Dave Esterhuizen and Arno Bareiss, founders of the company TRACK-DAZE in 2005, set out with a very clear idea of what they wanted their track days to be like and worked hard to achieve it. Factors such as sticking to a strict timetable so no-one lost out on track time, classroom sessions and free on-track instruction to anyone who asked for it, set them apart from their rivals.

TRACK-DAZE only allow only one- or two-piece leathers on track, thus elevating the safety standards to international level. To this day Track Daze remains the only track-day operator to adhere to this rule.

Track-Daze were one of the first companies to specify individual transponders for each rider; not, as it has been suggested, to solely allow riders to record their fastest lap times, but to better manage the different classes of rider and ensure like rides with like by paying strict attention to lap cut-off times. Just another small but significant safety and enjoyment factor.

Join TRACK-DAZE at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit on the 18th of March, there will be 4 groups, marshals, medics and a classroom session for new comers.

Entry fee is R3200-00 per rider and can be done online at

Group numbers will be limited for safety and your enjoyment!