Driving Experiences

Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit does not have any driving schools on a permanent basis. 

Should you wish to book a driving experience please contact any of the below driving schools:


Advanced Driving Experiences:


BMW Driving Experience

Email: drivertraining@bmw.co.za

Contact Number: 0861 269 374 

Website: http://www.bmwdrivingexperience.co.za/index.html#/home 


AMG Driving Academy

Email: auret@mbdd.co.za / irene@mbdd.co.za

Contact Number: 012 384 2298

Website: https://www.amgdrivingacademy.co.za/


Pablo Clark Racing (Ferrari Race Cars)

Email: info@pabloclark.com

Contact Number: 011 440 8350

Website: www.pabloclark.com


Jaguar Land Rover Experience

Email: megan@experience.landrover.co.za

Contact Number: 011 465 1883

Website: https://www.landrover.co.za/experience/experience-johannesburg.html


VW Driving Academy

Email: lenn01@vwsa.co.za

Contact Number: 082 848 0208

Website: https://www.vw.co.za/en/volkswagen-experience/driving-academy.html


Toyota Gazoo Racing Driving Academy

Email: info@tad-sa.co.za 

Contact Number: 060 985 5519

Website: https://tgr-drivingexperience.com/ 


Bike Schools:



Arno Bareiss - arno@track-daze.co.za

Dave Esterhuizen - dave@track-daze.co.za